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This is a very crucial message for all Leaders’ wives in the Church of Christ globally. These include pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, General Overseers, G/S and all Leaders in the house of God. The wives of these Leaders are not common or ordinary members! Almost every woman in the Church is looking up to them as role models in many respects. In short, ministers’ wives are also Ministers to a larger extent. That is why there is no Pastor or Bishop that can excel in the Ministry if the Wife is not agreeing with him. That is, the role of the Wife in a Minister’s Ministry cannot be over emphasized. Many pastors’ and Bishops’ wives don’t know these things. Read your Bible very well and see.

What made Abraham to succeed in his assignment and became the father of many nations today was because his Wife, Sarah, was always in agreement with him. Sarah submitted to her husband, even calling him lord and obeyed every divine instruction her husband received from God. Gen 12:1-5, 1Pet 3:5,6. This is in contrast to Ahab, the King of Israel, who went and married Jezebel, an unbelieving woman from the unbelieving nation. The woman became a thorn in his flesh and that was how Ahab fell from the grace and disobeyed God’s word outrightly and eventually he could not make it to heaven!

Beloved, what I am sharing with you here is a deep revelation I received from God in the midnight when I was in prayers. The Lord revealed to me why many churches are not succeeding spiritually because of the character of the pastors’ wives. To be frank, many Ministers’ wives have destroyed their husbands’ Ministries unknown to them! The situation is worrisome and lamentable especially in this end time because of satanic struggles against the Church of Christ. Pastors’ wives are to be models before other women in the body of Christ.

The question now is, in which areas are Ministers’ wives to be Models to other women in the Church?


1. IN STANDARD CHRISTIAN DRESSING – Every pastor’s Wife must dress well to show an example of a model Christian woman in the Church. Every Leader’s Wife should learn from our mother Sarah in terms of dressing. 1Pet 3:5,6. Your dressing should be moderate, devoid of any iota of worldliness as we see today in the lives of many Bishops wives in the ministry. Any pastor’s Wife that is dressing shabby with heavy make ups in the Church is not working for God but for Satan. She is a daughter of Jezebel. 2Kgs 9:30. Any pastor’s Wife that is wearing trousers like men, painting her lips and fingers, with attachment on her head, is sending all the women in that Church or Ministry to hell fire straight! Her judgement and punishment is going to be triple on that day. Therefore, true pastors’ wives are to be role Models in Christian dressing code.


2. STANDARD HAIR STYLE AS A WOMAN OF GOD! This is another vital area that all Leaders’ wives must be very careful. In 1Pet 3:3,we read, “Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair and of wearing of gold or of putting on of apparel” It is in this area of hairdos/styles that many Christian women are guilty today before God. You hardly see a Christian woman including pastors’ wives, whose hair is natural today. That is, there is no application of any chemical to change it from its natural texture to unnatural! That is, no perming, no jerry curling, no attachment whether shining thread or wool, no weave on, but natural as God created it. May be it could be One out of 5000 women on the street or in the Church. That is why if the pastor’s Wife’s hairdo is a standard one as revealed in the scriptures, such a woman will affect many women’s lives spiritually and carry them to heaven and God will be very glad with that woman and He will give her great reward in heaven! You see, a Leader’s Wife in the Church can use her hair style to win souls to the kingdom of God and she can equally use her hair style to send millions of souls to hell fire.

Beloved, there is one scenario we have even discovered in recent time which is very ugly. And it is a situation whereby the Pastor or the Bishop is encouraging his Wife to dress worldly to attract people to the Church! And when this happens, many women will troop into the Church including agents of darkness in the form of women just to Possess women in the Church. And the Pastor who is encouraging his Wife to do this is an agent of darkness, working for Satan and not for Christ. That kind of Minister is heavily possessed with demons but people don’t know it.

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3. GOOD CHARACTER. This is a very important trait that every Leader’s Wife must Possess in the body of Christ. The Minister’s Wife that exhibits good character in the Church, will help the ministry to grow spiritually and the husband is going to make a great impart in the ministry! Mother Sarah is still a model in this regard. You can now see that role of the pastor’s Wife to be a good example in the Church cannot be denied! Note, if you are a women Leader in the Church, pastor’s Wife etc begin to work on yourself to become a good model to affect the lives of women under you to the glory of God. This is because everyone of us will give account of the role we played in the Church in our life time! 2Cor 5:10.

Thanks and God bless you for reading this message. All glory to God. Hallelujah!

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  1. Amen! Bless God for this timely revelations. So real and true. May God bless you and may your labor never be in vain sir, amen.

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