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Good morning, what is the interpretation of when someone is asked to share olive oil in a bottle to people in the dream. Thank you.

Sharing oil is as the same thing as sharing anointing oil to people in the dream. When someone was asking you to share olive oil to people, such person wants you to be a blessings to people. The blessings of God that attach to the anointing oil is very powerful. To share olive oil in the dream is to transfer virtue and the power of the Holy Ghost. When God anointed you with His Holy Spirit, He didn’t give you a spirit of timidity or fear. When God placed you in a position to bless others, He wants you to perfect it in the demonstration of His power (Acts 1:8)  Because the oil (Anointing) is enough to change the story of people . This dream is also a confirmation that God calls you to impact other believers, fills them with joy, gives them external evidences so they learn to trust and make their faith work.


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1.Because of the anointing, bondage is ended in my life, and the slave yoke is completely taken off my neck in the name of Jesus.
2.By the power of anointing which I received, I gain insight into all of God’s purposes for my life. ( 1 John 2: 20 ).
3.By the power of anointing , foreigners shall be my servants, they shall feed my flocks and plough my fields, and take care of my vineyards. My calling shall be authenticated before men.
4.By the power of anointing in my life, I have double portion of prosperity and everlasting joy.( Isaiah 61: 5-7 ). 5.Satan is kept out of my life, home, business and all interests.
6.The anointing which I have received of God, abides in me, and will teach me all things and enable me abide in God’s perfect will for my life. I am released to wax great, go forward, and become very great in Jesus name. ( Genesis 26 : 13 ).
7.The Lord’s hand rest upon me. Victory, success, exploit, honor, dignity, favor, amazing blessings, beauty and bounty shall attend my life in Jesus name.
8.By the power of anointing, I arise to power and my domain is extended, because God’s faithfulness and unfailing love is with me.
9.By the power of anointing bestowed on me as a child of God , the enemy will neither outwit me, nor the wicked overpower me, those who hate me are destroyed ( Psalm 89: 22-27 ).
10.By the power of anointing of God, all mourning is turned to joy. I am comforted and every link of sorrows in my life exchanged for rejoicing in the name of Jesus.

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