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Seeing My Late In The Dream
Seeing My Late In The Dream

Please man of God, is it good to see my late wife in the dream?

Late people in the dream falls into the category of the dead, and God set the example of late people in Hebrews 9:27, ”And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” In Ecclesiastes 12:7 , Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. The late person represent the people who are no longer in existence. Jesus performed a miracle by raising up a late Jairus’ daughter. The Bible says Jesus looked them and said, “This child is not dead: she is just asleep.” The people there just laughed – could he be serious? (Mark 5:21-43).


The Bible describe dead as separation. Dead is the total separation of the soul, spirit and body, and the spirit is separating herself from you. When you see your late wife in the dream, it means there is a strange attack coming to you. The graveyard is full of dead people whose spirits are after the living. You cannot continue to see your late wife and things become easy. There is a bad spirit that accompany the dead. Sometimes, they rose up from the dead to look after a person in the dream that has established serious soul tie with them.  Your late wife might be good. She might have a good character, unfortunately, the dead does not have the power over the living.

Many people thinks that the moment their loved ones start appearing to them in the dream, they quickly assume that such a dream is good as they says the late person comes with no harm but to deliver a sensitive message. When you talk to a late man or woman in the dream, a lots of difficulties will be against you. When a person keep seeing a late person, for example, the spirit of poverty  will operate immediately.

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Seeing your late woman in the dream will open your life to the spirit of dryness and darkness, and since the agent of darkness dwells in the graveyard, you will have problem of making progress. Anytime a late person or your wife touches you, hugs you, or talks to you, means you have established  a connection with her, which is a clear sign that she is controlling your life and destiny.

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To dream about your late wife indicate the forces of darkness controlling the affairs of your life. Seeing your late wife in the dream, represent a symbol of problems. If you have hands in the dead of your woman, the spirit of your life woman will keep hurting after your destiny. The Bible says darkness is a symbol of death. When you keep seeing your late woman, you will have to see a pastor concerning this dream before the spirit of the dead swallows you.

Marriage is the joining together of man and together. It is a blessing from above. But when you keep seeing your late in the dream,  it means the spirit of darkness is trying to you use her against you. We are a children of light, the spirit of the grave cannot overcome the grace of the living.

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The important is not to frighten you but to give you a clue of the type of prayers to take against the spirit of dead. Are you having a felling of death getting close to you? Rebuke it by the blood of Jesus.


You may say this……

Can my late wife has evil agenda agenda me?

It is possible for the spirit of your late to hunter after your life. The real truth is, the dead does not have any compassion for anyone they meet in the spiritual realm. The spirit of your late can possess your life and make you to walk in vain. This is because, the spirit that is manipulating are brutal and unclean. It is good to go for deliverance, but you should find out why you keep seeing your late wife in the dream. You should also find out if you have no problem before she finally dies. When this dream is not dealt with, probably you try to stop them through prayers with a weak faith and power, the spirit will come back again. When you do not get rid of the imagination of the dead from your spirit, the bondage will become so deep .




Take note of this:


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Here are some of other symptoms of seeing your late wife in the dream,

  1. Multiple afflictions
  2. Painful experience
  3. Marital  problems
  4. Backwardness
  5. Back to square one
  6. Depression
  7. Confusion and disappointments
  8. Recurrent sickness
  9. Hardship and suffering in the home
  10. Demotion
  11. Fear and anxiety
  12. Unfruitfuless

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  1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour
  2. Repent from your sins
  3. Pray the prayer of forgiveness and mercy
  4. Wage war against the death
  5. Break the evil agreement between you and the dead
  6. If possible, change your location
  7. Barricade your life with the fire of the Holy Ghost



  1. Every late blessings in my life, be abolished, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every spirit of death harassing my life, go back to the grave, in Jesus name.
  3. Every evil summon from the cemetery be paralyzed in the name of Jesus
  4. I cut-off every power of wickedness from the grave against my life in the name of Jesus
  5. I receive back all my virtues, goodness and blessings this very moment in the name of Jesus
  6. Any evil covenants between me and my dead relatives break and release me by the blood of Jesus
  7. I render the presence of the dead useless in my life, in Jesus name
  8. I overcome every spirit of fear and hopelessness, in Jesus name
  9. Blood of Jesus protect e from untimely death in Jesus name
  10. Every evil grave swallowing my breakthroughs, vomit it by fire, in Jesus name.



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