Satanic Exchange Of Glory

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Bible Verse: I Kings 3:16-27

There are powers that seek to exchange people’s virtues, brains, glory, prosperity, and even lives. They empty out a person’s life and give it to another. They can replace the original name of a person with evil name. Whenever you discover there is dryness, frustration, setback, prolong stagnation in your life, there is the presence of this demon aim to exchange your destiny.

A long time ago, a friend had a dream where he saw a particular woman in the village tying a goat to a tree. When he wakes up from this dream, this young man would not get himself again.

But by the time he realize it, this strange woman had programmed this young man’s spirit to a goat. Not knowing that his original virtue have been tied down in the village. Whatever he does in the physical, he always have setbacks.

Close your eyes and pray like this:

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Every power that wants to turn my life upside down, die now, in the mighty name of Jesus.

We have plenty examples of this in the Bible. We have the case of Jacob that through the help of his mother Rebecca stole the birthright of his twin brother Esau, thereby becoming the head and relegating his brother who was the first born to the tail region.

There was the also the case of Jacob who before he died summoned the children of Joseph his favourite child to bless them. But he laid his right hand on the younger Ephraim and his left hand on the head of the older Manasseh. This effectively made the senior to become the junior and the junior to become the senior. Once again the head became the tail and the tail the head.



1. Through evil plantation and deposits. These evil deposits are planted and become limiting barriers to attaining greatness later.

Close your eyes and pray like this:
Everything planted in my life as a child that is affecting me negatively now, come out and die, in the name of Jesus.

2. Blood manipulation. It could be through demonic access to the blood in dreams.
3. Evil verdicts and decrees.
4. Demonic access to the head. This could be through evil laying on of hands.
5. Demonic access to personal belongings such as clothes, hair, nails, anti-perspirant deodorants, and combs. It could be through manipulation of hair and head gears and scarves.
6. Witchcraft manipulation through use of various instruments such as mortars, pots, evil birds and other animals.
7. Monitoring gadgets such as incisions and evil marks.
8. Attending wrong parties. I once knew a woman that had parties every New Year day. But the purpose was to collect the virtues of the people that attended and use it for herself for that year. With the same token she transferred all the bad luck for the year to them. But the people ignorantly thought she invited them year in year out out of love.


There was also another lady that invited all the children in her church (a Pentecostal church) to her children’s birthday party. But she gave the children polluted food which she used to steal their virtues and brain and add to her children’s. This was to ensure that her children excelled and became very brilliant while the other children struggled through life. We must be careful and always inquire of the Lord before we accept any invitation. These are evil times.


Close your eyes and pray like this:
I refuse to be a candidate of satanic manipulation in the mighty name of Jesus.

8. Ministry of demonic ministers. Powers can be transferred through laying on of hands and other means. Just as the Holy Spirit can be transferred through impartation, so also can evil spirits. We have to be very careful in this area.

Once a new “deliverance minister” came to town. Everyone was rushing there. My best friend invited me. This man left the pulpit and the people that went to the front to be prayed for and bounced all the way to the back to lay hands on my head. The lord later told me that he was not a prophet but using the spirit of divination and that he had tried to steal my virtues.

Another time, The Lord opened my eyes to see a well respected minister trading in people’s virtues. He would take the wealth of one person and give it to another, the good health of a person and give it to one person while the person that came well went home with some else’s evil load of sickness, disease and failure.

Today it has become so bad as many well known pastors and ministers are combining occult powers with the preaching of the bible. In a bid to get cheap membership and appear to be spiritually loaded to do miracles they go to all sorts of places to acquire demonic powers which they try to pass off as the power of God. God had power but he does not pour it on unworthy vessels hence they have to get their power elsewhere because they are unwilling to pay the price for the genuine power of God.

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9. Demonic dream such as, dreaming about the village, dreaming about sex, dreaming about eating, dreaming where they always tied down animal, dreaming about blood etc.

10. When a man or a woman is dating someone that has a trace with with the witchdoctor



1. Be very careful where you go. Stop running from one “prophet” to another. Most of them are either satanic agents or are polluted and will in turn pollute you. Pursue the Creator, not the creatures that He created.
2. Be careful where you eat and what you eat.
3. Do not share personal effects such as clothes, creams, and such with people.
4. Be very careful whom you allow to lay hands on you.
3. Ensure that you carry the power and fire of God in you that cannot be bewitched or insulted.



  • I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.
  • Thou destiny exchanger in my family line which has succeeded to exchange the destiny of my family members, my destiny is not your candidate, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Witchcraft exchange of my virtues, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  • Every power that has transferred my wealth to a strange person, come back by fire, in Jesus name.
  • My glory, jump out from the cage of the wicked, in Jesus name.
  • My destiny be released and locate me in the name of Jesus.
  • Every destiny exchanger assigned to put my life at risk, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Wherever my destiny has been caged, wherever the destinies of my children/spouse have been caged, I command you now to be released by fire, in t he name of Jesus.
  • You the star of my destiny arise and shine, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every satanic mark upon my body, soul and spirit be erased by the blood of Jesus.
  • Wherever my destiny has been hidden, I command you now to appear and locate me, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every satanic transaction done over my life while I was in the womb, perish by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  • I apply the blood of Jesus to every stubborn situation in my life.
  • Every door that I have opened to the enemy be closed by the blood of Jesus.
  • Every evil ladder of infiltration, into my life, catch fire and be roasted to ashes.
  • I curse every work of darkness in my life to dry up to the roots by the blood of Jesus.
  • Every power from my foundation which has buried my family, my destiny is not your candidate, die, in the name of Jesus.
  • Anything stolen from my life while I was in the womb be restored by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  • Thou power of spiritual demotion, die, in the name of Jesus.
  • I shall succeed, nothing and no power shall pull me down in Jesus.
  • United demonic power assigned to pull me down, you have failed, fall down and die.
  • Every internal enemy wither by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Any power sitting upon my life, blocking me from rising, be cast into the fire in the name of Jesus.
  • I reject every evil diversion of my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
  • I receive my correct life back in the name of Jesus.
  • Any personality that the devil has replaced my life with be roasted by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • I break every backbone of the spirit of conspiracy and treachery working against my life.
  • I recall and recover all my blessings that have been thrown into the waters, the forest, and satanic banks, in the name of Jesus.
  • O Lord, catapult me to the next level in the name of Jesus.
  • Any power hunting for my life this year, I cut you off by fire.
  • I call forth my blessings from the camp of the enemy.
  • Every power of bewitchment working against my destiny be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
  • Power to locate my divine location in life locate fall upon me now.
  • My Father, my life is available, reposition me for success, in the name of Jesus.
  • Monitoring gadgets assigned against my destiny, catch fire and be roasted to ashes.
  • Every power with evil awareness of my destiny, your time is up, die now.
  • Every power, personality, and spirit monitoring me to steal from me, fall down and die.
  • Satanic surveillance over my life, scatter by thunder.
  • I refuse to be diverted in the name of Jesus.
  • Every evil horse and rider militating against destiny, drawn in the Red Sea.
  • Every witchcraft weapon assigned to divert me, catch fire and be roasted.
  • By the power in the blood of Jesus, I shall fulfill my divine purpose.
  • I remove my life from every journey into darkness, in the name of Jesus.
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