Prayers Against Market In The Dream

Prayers Against Market In The DreamPrayer Against Market In The Dream
Prayers Against Market In The Dream


It is the right prayers that ensure our destinies are not lost in the spiritual market. If you can pray well and at the same time fast, you will be from satanic bondage. Market dream is another platform the devil uses to :

  • To attack
  • To divert your business success
  • To kill your virtues
  • To slip away the blessings of God from your hands
  • To plant confusion and sorrow
  • To introduce poverty and pains


Ezekiel 27:24, ”These were thy merchants in all sorts of things, in blue clothes, and broidered work, and in chests of rich apparel, bound with cords, and made of cedar, among thy merchandise.”

1 Corinthians 10:25, ”Whatsoever is sold in the shambles, that eat, asking no question for conscience sake:”

Luke 19:45-46, “And he went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold therein, and them that bought; Saying unto them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves.”


Market is a place where we buy and sell things for the purpose of profit. Many people converge in the market to achieve one thing or the other. Market in the dream is one dream that is spiritually-motivated. People who transact one or two businesses are fully possessed by witchcraft spirit. Witchcraft spirit uses this dream to engages people in bondage manipulation. Market dream can also control circumstances surrounding human beings. It is clear that the moment any one goes to the market in the dream, such a person is inviting terrible afflictions.


In the spiritual realm, market is also place where different categories of witchcraft operate in for the purpose attacking people that buy things from them. Most of these demonic powers are sellers, thereby looking for lives to transfer or sell goods of afflictions and loss to.


The spiritual market is a market where the agents of darkness operate. They watch the money you will give them and build their attacks on the platform of financial dryness. So the meaning of market dream means a lot.

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What makes someone to buy or roam round the market squares in the dream shows that such person is not normal spiritually. That is, enemy is using the market dream to enter your life. If you eventually found yourself in the market doing one thing or the other in the dream, means the enemy is keeping you inside the cage. This further shows that you have no direction or a sense of purpose in life. If you are a businessman/woman, this portends that the enemy will make sure your business did not prosper or receive good patronage from customers anymore.

If your marriage is not settle, it can place an embargo in your marriage. You can destroy their stronghold through prayers and fasting. What do you expect from such a person or business? There will be no business growth and profit maximization. The person will continue to experience various degree of frustration and stagnancy in life. Whatever you bought in the dream does not matter. Being a victim of this dream is bad enough to expose ones life and destiny to satanic curse. Making up your mind to reject this dream is a step of deliverance.



  1. Bad foundation
  2. Marital problems
  3. Mistakes and errors that may make you regret
  4. Rejection and disappointments
  5. Business and ministry failure
  6. Financial struggle
  7. Rising and falling
  8. Profitless labour
  9. Stagnancy and demotion
  10. Pollution and contamination
  11. Problem between husband and wife
  12. Afflictions trying to rise up the second time
  13. Satanic imprisonment
  14. Relationship or courtship problem


1. Confess, repent from, and deal with sin and rebellion
a. Personal sins
b. Ancestral sins
2. Get born again and surrender your life to Christ.
3. Prayerfully find out the source of the dream
4. Learn spiritual warfare because the spiritual realm controls the physical realm.
5. Use your spiritual weapons to pull down strongholds
6. Pray to destroy evil plans against your life
7. Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the God so no reinforcement.

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  1. My destiny shall not be summoned into the spiritual market in Jesus name
  2. My financial glory shall not be used to buy and sell things in the spiritual market in Jesus name
  3. Every power using this dream to cause setbacks in my life, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name
  4. My Father, I reject every curse of wandering in the evil market, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Any satanic seller, assigned to transfer problems into my life through buying of goods in the dream, scatter by fire, in Jesus name
  6. Holy Ghost fire, set ablaze every spiritual market used to initiate me into the witchcraft world through dream, in Jesus name
  7. My business glory, confiscated by powers in the witchcraft market, I retrieve it back by fire, in Jesus name
  8. My FATHER, Every power using this market dream to paralyze my destiny and marriage, you are a failure, run mad and die, in Jesus name
  9. Every arrow of mental disturbance, backfire, in Jesus name
  10. Every witchcraft installation against my life from the market, scatter by fire in Jesus name
  11. Every power using this dream to suppress, oppress and attack me/my family, let your witchcraft backfire in Jesus name. (Be repeating, backfire in Jesus name).
  12. Every attempt of the enemy to imprison me in the spiritual market in order to stop the good work of God in my life, work and family, backfire in Jesus name.
  13. Every evil voice calling my name from the evil market for manipulations, be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.
  14. Every work of the enemy to frustrate me through this dream, be disgrace by fire, in Jesus name
  15. You demon of loss, loose your hold over me, in the name of Jesus.
  16. Every monitoring power using this dream to plant problems in my marriage, BE BLINDED BY FIRE, in Jesus name
  17. I recover my marital glory from the evil market, in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every power hiding my marital blessings in the spiritual market, be exposed, and locate me, in Jesus name
  19. I refuse to transact business with any sellers in the evil market, in Jesus name
  20. Any negative transaction that is currently affecting my marriage, business, ministry, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.
  21. I refuse to take home whatever I bought in the market dream, in the name of Jesus
  22. I destroy any financial balance collected from the items that I bought in the dream, you shall not go home with me, in Jesus name
  23. Every spiritual attack programmed into my life from the market dream, backfire and destroy the sender, in Jesus name
  24. I resist and reject every satanic plan to convert my joy to sorrow through this dream, in the name of Jesus.
  25. My Father, let this dream not affect my fruitfulness in my marriage, in Jesus name.
  26. I shall not be a candidate of witchcraft, in the name of Jesus.
  27. Any evil effect after this dream, I cancel it by the blood of Jesus.


BIBLE STUDIES (Ps 18; Ps 30; Ps 109; Lev 25:35; Isa 58:7; Lk 14:13-14; Matt 25:34-40)

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