Prayers To Locate Your Visa

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CONFESSIONIsaiah 43:19

INSTRUCTION: Take the following prayers both day and night. If your documents are with you,  bring them out and pray on it. If your own is setback and embarrassment at embassy, pray those prayers very well. If you are the one expecting your own visa, pray especially your names. Decree your names will bring favour and success to you.

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Prayer To Obtain Your Visa & Permit

1. Covenants with disappointment, break by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus
2. Every witchcraft curse working against my travelling oversea, break in the name of Jesus name
3. Holy Spirit, disgrace every household enemies waging war against my travelling abroad in Jesus name
4. Evil voices saying NO to the procurement of my visa, by the voice of the Lord, be silenced now in the name of Jesus
5. Marks of rejection upon my life, be erased by the blood of Jesus
6. Every evil embargo placed on my travelling documents, be lifted by fire in the name of Jesus
7. Every satanic checkpoint in the second heaven against my breakthrough be dismantled by fire in the name of Jesus
8. Every power sitting on my visa, somersault and die in the name of Jesus
9. I withdraw my passport from every evil alter and cage in the name of Jesus
10. Ever satanic bodyguard monitoring my travelling for evil die in the name of Jesus
11. I reject every satanic conspiracy against my visa in the name of Jesus
12. Every stronghold at the edge of my breakthrough, be dismantled in Jesus name
13. Every failure mechanism designed against my destiny, die by fire in the name of Jesus
14. Every satanic padlock fashioned against my visa scatter by fire in Jesus name
15. Windows of heaven open for my visa in the name of Jesus
16. I cancel with the blood of Jesus, every dream of rejection in the name of Jesus
17. I cancel with the blood of Jesus, every dream of hatred in the name of Jesus
18. Holy Ghost inject my blood with the virus of favour in the name of Jesus
19. Anointing for favour, fall on me in the name of Jesus
20. Every failure at the edge of my Visa breakthrough, die in the name of Jesus
21. Every curse of rejection, my life is not your landing space
22. Every Pharaoh from the waters, sitting on my travelling documents somersault and die
23. You my passport, bring favour and goodness to me in the name of Jesus
24. Every mark of rejection on my passport be cased by the blood of Jesus
25. O Lord, grant me favour before the Consular Officers in the name of Jesus
26. I pursue, I overtake, and I recover everything stolen from my life in the dream
27. Holy ghost fire, promote me in the name of Jesus
28. My visa manifest by fire in the name of Jesus
29. I am favoured by God, I am favoured by heaven, I am favoured by men by fire in the name of Jesus
30. Begin to give God Praise

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  1. Hello Evangelist. we were searching the internet for dreams then I came across your blog
    please they are many dreams we don’t have understanding and it has been reoccurring. please can we call you or sent you an email.

  2. Dear Evangelist , thank you for the prayer .Please can you pray for me to get my residence permit in Holland . I’ve been here five years and no progress.

  3. I need a prayer my visa and document is ready, I need success over my journey to abroad, and ability to glorify God.

  4. Pls pray for my withheld DV 2014 Lottery documents to be released from the US Embassy in Yaounde whereby I have signed and swear my visa form but do not understand why my visa is withheld till date despite my several emails to the consular section, no response from them.

  5. Adesina,According to the word of God,your travelling abroad is guarantee and you shall experience the blessings of God in that country in Jesus name

  6. how are you.
    I have a visa interview on monday 27th march 2017 harare zimbabwe.i really want God to do this for life has been so down..and i want this to be a breakthrough to me and my family.
    pray for me.

  7. Pls man of God,pray for me and tell me God’s mind whether I should apply for US visa. I surely want to avoid try and error. Thanks.

  8. Good day sir
    Please sir I have my visa interview this month please help me pray for god favour and grace for god to put in me his boldness and touch the heart of whoever will be responsible for my interview amen

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