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This is to officially announce here that I have opened a new blog. The blog name is . This blog is solely for dreamers and its dedicated to audience across the world who wants their dreams to be interpreted. Brethren, I have found out that so many people are facing serious challenges in their dream life. Some of these bad dreams have placed many people into satanic bondage. Since dream is the picture of our destiny, it is important that we should take a close observation to every of our dreams. Our God has continued to reveal things to us in dreams, visions and revelation. Dreams does not know if you are a Christian or not, rich or poor, so long you are a living person, you must dream – through revelation  and vision. The Bible says while men slept, the enemy came to sow tares.


This blog provides the opportunity to share your dreams. What you need to know about dreams. How do God communicate to us through dreams, vision and revelation. The truth is, God has not stop revealing His power to many people especially through their dreams but it is very sad that most people would not be able to discern or interpret such revelation. That’s the reason why most people are not converting their dreams into prayers. You will see someone who dream of seeing coffin instead of him to convert into prayers, he will just ignore it thinking that such dream cannot happen. By the time strange things or attack of death came upon him, he will be running to churches, native doctors, false prophets etc to seek for protection.

If you are a dreamer, you need this blog to educate you more about meanings of your dreams in Biblical setting. If you don’t dream at all, you need this blog to encourage you how to start dreaming through some dedicated prayers. If you often dream and forget your dreams, you also need this blog, because it will tell you what you need to do through biblical settings in order for you to keep dream constantly without forgetting them. Let me lay emphasise on this as well. There are some people it is evil dreams that normally have their bearing in their memory. The moment they sleep, it is satanic dream. They relax, it is satanic revelation. They sit down, it is one evil dream or the other. These are very bad as a believer. Also this blog has continued to be different among all other blogs in the world

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However, we have some set of people, it is usually one glorious dream or the other. Such people always have good dreams, some do come to pass, but others are not. If you look at all these scenario I just carefully illustrated here, everyone just need this blog to stay connected.


My reason for creating this unique blog is to change the settings of your dreams and to make the glory of God dwell powerfully in your dream. God bless you all in Jesus name.



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  1. Good evening Sir
    What does it when you’re seeing your late Mother in dream always communicating with you as if she’s alive.sometimes I’ll dream dat they force her to be buried alive because of her sickness has no cure and she refused 2 die.Because of dat in the dream i will be crying in the dream 4 her freedom.
    Sometimes after I dream i’ll 4get dream and I also eat in the dream.
    Pls help me Sir.

  2. Anything that made the dead to leave the grave and start to appear in ones dream, whether close relatives or late parents, it portends bad signal of untimely death. When the dead establish communication with you in the dream, such spirit has the spirit to ensnare you and push you to the graveyard of untimely death.You have to embark onsome prayers of protection and deliverance

  3. Greetings, I had a dream that my Pastor proposed to me, with many of the members around. My daughter assisted him in the proposal. I was shocked because we have never been involved in anyway other than our relationship with Christ. The ring was a Beautiful white gold diamond ring. Much more happened but I was just wondering what this meant.

  4. Greetings, I had a dream that my Pastor proposed to me, with many of the members around. My daughter assisted him in the proposal. I was shocked because we have never been involved in anyway other than our relationship with Christ. The ring was a Beautiful white gold diamond ring. Much more happened but I was just wondering what this meant.

  5. Good day sir.
    I have been having this dream of seeing myself in darkness for years, sometimes in peach darkness that I cannot find my way to my intended destination. secondly I dream of my bag missing, at other times its my money missing in the dream and thirdly I eat in the dream. Please I need the interpretation.

  6. Good morning Sir.
    what does this dream mean,I found myself in toilet made of wood and the floor was wet with dirty water but I was bare feet.I Urinated in the same toilet. After I came out my lip balm felt down hill and I couldn’t find it.

  7. Good Morning sir.
    What this dream mean.I saw one of my handbag which I gave to my sister’s house help smeared with mud.
    Again what does mean looking for something in a dream and not getting it.

  8. Good morning Sir.
    What does this dream mean.Yesterday morning I dreamt a black Bull hitting somebody and person ran died and the bull ran away.

  9. Good morning Sir.
    One week ago I dreamt a python swallowing something but I couldn’t tell what was it swallowing.

  10. Good morning Sir.
    What does this dream mean,My Sister dreamt​ of a goat tied in a place and the same​ goat strungled itself and it died.

  11. Goodmorning pastor i had a dream, in d dream i was holding a file with some documents in it. One of d document is suppose to b signed by somebody and it has to do with money, but getting to his office, i found out he was sick dat he can’t attend to me at dat time unless i wait. I waited wit some persons who still needed his attention. At a point we were told dat he is coming to attend to us, and actually we saw him coming, but l woke up before he could entered his office and attend to us. What does it mean?

  12. Pastor goodmorning sir, i had a dream where i saw my stepmother giving my fiance money, though i and dis man in concern we have not even met den, it was d week we schedule to meet each other dat is when i had d dream. Is been 3 good years of relationship now. No way to even go and see my parents. This young man has been suffering financially he work like an elephants and eat like a ant. No achievements all he does wit d little money he earn is feeding and house rent. At times if he does not borrow he will not meet up with his house rent. Pastor does dat dream has something to do with all dis problems? And what is d wayout? Seriously i have been praying since all dis while but nothing is happening.

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