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It is a common practice for people to live in a house they did not know much about. They continue to live until strange occurrences begin to happen. Strange houses are in high proliferation in our society today. It is either you are in a house that attracts blessings or house that recognize curses. No doubt, some children have suffered in these strange houses.

Strange houses are those houses where all kinds of demonic operations are taken places. People living in those houses blame themselves as there is nothing they can show for their successes or progresses in life.  Living in a strange house is like living in the house of  a native doctor. It is very hard to receive promotions in your place of work through that house. In some houses, you will find crucifix at the entrance of that house. In another houses, you will find broom. In some places, you will find a big padlock and chain – all these are a clear signs that people or tenants are already in satanic bondage by the owners of the house.

When you want to go to work, it is from the house. When you want to come back, you are ending straight to your house. When you want to marry, it is from a house. When you want to receive a letter, the postman would locate the address of your house. Nothing you do in this world without looking for where to cover yourself at the end of the day.

Before you rent any houses to live in, do a thorough investigation. If possible, hire people or research organisation to ask some questions about some houses in that environments. Also, make sure you prayerfully look for house of blessings. House of blessings are very scarce these days It is not all that glitters are gold. BE WARNED!

Yes, some houses may be good outside, but in there, those tenants/people  may have been tied down spiritually.  You can succeed your destiny in a very dirty house, but when you find yourself living in a strange house, your destiny may have been captured.


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There are some houses that are not really good on the surface but those who are living there are blessed or progressing. If you are living in such a house, you will recover all your blessings in that house. Do your marriage in that house. Receive your major breakthrough. It is a house that has a solid foundation with Christ and rooted with the blood of the Lamb.

Strange houses are not advisable to spend the rest of your life on.  If you check the history of that house or the people that started the original building of the house, you will discover that many things such as dead child, charms, blood, have been buried there even without the notice of some people.

The Bible says, if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

The foundation of many houses have accommodated all kinds of evil properties. Houses that has all kinds of evils scattered in some hidden places, such house has a purpose of capturing destinies and delay the progress of people.

There are some strange houses that divert ones destiny. If care is not taken, you may be suffering from financial and spiritual growth. The moment you begin to stay long in a strange house as a wealthy or a person that has great vision, you will leave the house empty with no dream, vision, its as if you are just coming to this world when all your friends have gone so far in life. Permit me to say this, some Landlords or Caretakers are so demonic and wicked. As soon as you discover them in your house, begin to becareful with them whether good or bad.

I have seen a family who parked into a new apartment only to discover that there is no peace but spiritual attacks every night in that house. So the following month, this family packed out from that house.

Your house determines your destiny. Your house determines the kinds of blessings or curses. Check the house where you are living. Is it a good one or bad one?

God has to called Abram to leave his father’s house to a land or house where he will a blessing to generations. Gen 12:1. I believe if God has not spoken to Abram, he wouldn’t have fulfilled his destiny today. If you live in a bad house, you will struggle with your destiny and dreams.

A certain family have been in living in a room and parlour for more than 25 years in Lagos. Others tenants have stayed from 20,23,24 years. so by calculation, this family are one of the oldest tenants. One of the man’s children said, daddy, let’s move away from this house. His father said why? His daughter said, there’s no achievement here. Despite your rank in the police force, you are still living in this useless house. His father responded, this is the house I gave birth to you and others. So keep quiet and let me enjoy this house. This lady pray one prayer O Lord reveal to my dad the secret about the foundations of this house. God revealed to his father where the landlord have imprisoned him. At the end of the day, they packed out where multiple of blessings came to that family.

1. House can be a blessing and curse
2. House can support progress and limitations
3. House can enable good health and sickness
4. House can support long life and untimely death
5. Some houses are habitation of wickedness while others invite the presence of God
6. House can make one rich and poor
7. House can make you go far in life and while others can put you in one spot
8. House can encourage prayers and other discourages prayers. Such a house, it is hardly for God to perform miracle
9.House change your lifestyle to positive or negatively
Know the history of that house today before you park in with your family. Some would say, my presence would drive away those demons in that house, it’s good if you can maintain it. Many charms are buried. Open your eyes.



Evangelist Joshua

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