My Husband Is Ejaculating In The Dream

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Dear Man of God, yester night I had a dream that I did not understand. I was about to get intimate with my hubby but instead he started ejaculating in paper bags and handing them to our househelp. This went on for a long time and before I knew it I was in another setting in a different dream. I was in an underground classroom but there was no learning. I then stood up went and bought some sweets which I ate and proceeded to the parking lot so that I could drive home. When I got there my step brother got into the car and drove away which surprised me since I had the keys in my hands. That is when I woke up. please advice.

Ephesians 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

What a strange dream! The relationship between your husband and househelp calls for a serious concern. As there are strong tie between them spiritually. That is why you must not take chances for your marriage to crumble from the effects of this dream. This dream indicates the operation of the enemy to blow away your love from the mind of your husband. When your husband is seen ejaculating in the dream, it gives the enemy the absolute  power to hold your hubby in captivity.

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The current problem in your marriage can be likened to the house-help. The house-help was revealed to you in the dream in order to know the source of the problem in the marriage. This dream is connected to marital turbulence and the destiny of your husband is being manipulated. In order words, the devil is using the spirit of that house girl to deposit his sperm in the spiritual cage. It also implies that God’s power, glory and fruitfulness is being withdrawn from his life. As he was ejaculating his semen in a paper bag, the devil is busy storing them in a satanic warehouse where they will use it against him. Through this dream, you can have a good knowledge of the plans of the wicked against your husband. The reason they are still harrassing your husband spiritually is because he has made a quality soul tie covenant with some women in the past and most of them are using it against him. It is necessary to find out the nature of relationship your husband is keeping with other women outside your marriage.


The second dream indicates the spirit of loss. You will have to pray and fast for  3 days between 6am -6pm for God to restore whatever has been stolen from your husband and marriage in the spirit realm and of physical. The devil is a thief of marriage. You must allow the enemy to pollute your marriage on the altar of ignorance and spiritual weaknesses.

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  1. Thou strange spirit in my marriage, be arrested by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Anything stolen from me and my marriage, be restored back by fire, in Jesus name
  3. My marriage shall not be manipulated in the name of Jesus.
  4. Whatever it takes for my marriage to be divinely protected, Father protect us in Jesus name
  5. Any power assigned to close my womb, die, in Jesus name
  6. I chase out every strange legs in my marriage in Jesus name
  7. I speak restoration into my marriage, in Jesus name
  8. I recover back from the body of any woman that has stolen my husband’s destiny, in the name of Jesus
  9. My marriage shall not be bewitched by forces of darkness, in Jesus name
  10. I cover our marriage with the blood of Jesus.
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