How To Interpret My Dreams

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How To Interpret My Dreams
How To Interpret My Dreams



How to interpret dream is the major statements going on in the mind of people. To interpret dream is not always by our imagination, reasoning or our personal way of judgement. Dream interpretation goes beyond that aspect. It is a serious spiritual entity that is very unique to God. You cannot just wake up from sleep and say YES I know the interpretation of this dream. Before you think of interpreting your dreams, you must be led by the spirit of God to do so. Today, It is a pity that many people who called themselves dream interpreters are actually interpreting the wrong dreams to people. How can you interpret ones dreams without no biblical support or backups.


Everything that we dream such as people, colours, numbers, animals, stones, sand etc. They  all have one meaning or the other. Why? Because these entities have their own peculiar functions or characteristics which they operate on. Many Christian need to learn how to interpret their dreams against any kinds of dreams that are not so clear to them. The meanings some people get to their dream calls for serious spiritual concern.

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King Nebuchadnezzar had a troubled dream which the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, and Chaldeans were not able to interpret his dream, God save the servants at last from destruction. It was Daniel that interpreted the dream for King Nebuchadnezar (Dan 2:1-14; Dan 2:36-46). The King knew the importance of dream! He did not  rest until his dream was interpreted!

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God revealed to King Pharaoh in his dreams that there would be seven years of abundance of food and seven years of hunger. King Pharaoh stored food for the hunger time, Egypt and its environs were saved throughout the period of starvation (Gen 41:22-32).

For you to know  how to interpret your dreams, you have to work harder and ask God to baptize you with the gift of dream interpretation. If you are a believer and you are yet to know the meanings of your dream, it means you are not yet ready to know the secret work of your enemies. For how long will you be going to star astrologers or people to ascertain the meanings of your dreams? Instead of the non believers running about for the interpretation of their dreams, it is the believers that are running to them for spiritual help.

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Why is that most believers have never find ways to learn how to interpret their dreams? Not to talk of knowing the dreams by themselves. It is because these days, believers are not fully into dream matters. Many have been wrongly programmed and deceived that dreams are just the figment of our daily life and hence it doesn’t make any  spiritual meanings. How sad that people are now living in serious ignorance.


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  1. please sir, what is the meaning of a dream wen you see Maggots coming out of your body or one pick maggots out of his or her body.

  2. Sir I dreamt i was somewhere,at the backyard was a white garment church and a prophetess came to me in the room,started dragging and shaking me forcefully that she wants to do deliverance for me.but in my mind I had the feeling she was a fake prophetess.immediately I pulled her down and started doing deliverance for her,as I was doing that she started moving towards a group of people sitted beside a river and among them was a man who was like their pastor but I didn’t stop the prayers the man stood up and walked away. what I remembered in the prayer was that I said every arrow and demon should be casted into the river…I realised I wanted to start going,then started looking for the second leg of my slippers even some people there were also helping me to look for it,so I told them it might be in the room where the prophetess fist met me .then I woke up

  3. Hello!
    The first one goes like this… I saw my friend lying down on the bed and there was fire burning at his back but the fire wasn’t burning him while he was at sleep. And the other part of the dream was that I was with the same friend again in my car and I was driving and he was sitting at the back sit and then a fire just came and burn the whole car both inside and outside. I was not hurt at all but when I looked at the mirror I saw that my friend was dead due to the fire. And I went to assist him and he came back to life.

  4. The second dream is that I went to sit next to a person and some people came and asked me who is the person I’m sitting next to and i replied that he is my future husband and i held his hand.
    After that he came with a letter to show me that in 1996 his family wrote a letter to my own family but I couldn’t remember what the topic was.
    God bless you sir.

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