How To Deal With Sexual Dream

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How To Deal With Sexual Dream
how to deal with sexual dream

How To Deal With Sexual Dream


1 Corinthians 6:18-20, ”Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

The rate at which some Christians are taking the prayers to cancel sexual dreams shows how that dream has eaten up their life. To deal with the problem of sexual dream isn’t a joke.

There are forces that specialize in bringing people into marine spirit. Marine spirits are orchestrated by spirit husband and wife. And when you are plagued with sex in the dream, you will automatically be infected by spiritual problem.

Nothing can be more painful when your entire dream is largely obsessed by sexual dream. This is a personal research. And nothing is so annoying for a person to expect a certain breakthrough only to have the dream of sex defeats the manifestation of that blessings.

Many Christians have suffered so much in this area for many years without knowing how to deal with this dream. Today, lots of people are essentially facing one sexual attack or the other. This dream is driven largely by spirit husband or wife.

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Sexual dream is a practice of immorality that is especially rampant in our dream and reality.

The devil which is the serpent has continued to take advantage of so many people’s dream to pollute and defile their body. Sex in the dream is a strong seed that can not be destroyed by vain confession. We must deal with  it until the spirit of sexual dream is dead totally.

It is quite bad for people to be consistently having sex in the dream. It is a shameful experience that has disgraced many youth today especially.

Unfortunately, some people have failed to confront, or deal with this dream, hence they give up the battle. This action has given the spirit spouse to exchange their marital glory through sex in the dream.

Only few people have really devoted time to deal with the problem of sexual dream in their lives. Some solved it through prayers, others receive their deliverance. Sometimes one does not need to fast for many times before he or she can escape the bondage of sexual dream.

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Anytime a person dream about sex, it means the person marital glory has been manipulated and as such, the person may not recognize by good admirers or helpers. If the person is yet to marry, it therefore implies that he or she will be bombarded with marital delays, difficulties and frustration.

But if a married person dream about sexual dream, it is a clear a sign that the home will attract strange woman.

But many are not willing to deal with the root of fornication and other sins . When we talk of sex in the dream, we mean bondage to sin. When we talk of sexual dream, we collectively mean loss. Those who are already afflicted with sexual dreams  are seeking for ways on how to overcome or deal with it.

Many women’s marital glory have been taken away and destroyed through sex in the dream.That’s why many women are having a great challenge in marriage.

Sexual dream interpretation is quite different from masturbation in the real life but they all have a little similarities in meaning.

Some people are supposed to have married by now but are still seen struggling to keep and maintain a relationship. And those who have ripped to have children are almost weeping in tears over the excessive dream of sex. The devil has been able to bring some people into the witchcraft institute.

To have sex in the dream is to open the door of sin. To have sin the dream is to scatter the blessings God has arranged. Sexual dream can destroy whatever you have laboured for.

When a single man is having sex with a woman whom he has not married, both of them will surely end their journey in shame and disgrace. In fact, they will be using their hands to dig all kinds of spiritual problems into their marriage.

It is possible for the devil to use sexual dream to hide and attack their victims under the influence of sins. The need to deal with sexual dream once and for all requires a determination . And once you are able to deal with this dream, you will be from forever, in Jesus name.


To deal with this dream involves the followings:


Read this

Dream about sex.

In the dream you have been

  • Having sexual dream with known or unknown person:
  • Having sexual dream with a celebrity.
  • Having sexual dream with a relative.
  • Having sexual dream with a parent.
  • Having sexual dream with brother.
  • Having sexual dream with sister.
  • Having sexual dream with prostitute
  • Watching others have sex in the dream
  • Having sex with someone you despise.
  • Having sexual dream with your ex

Meaning of sexual dream

  • It means the presence of spirit husband or wife
  • It means slavery to sin or fornication
  • It represents the symbol of womb blockage
  • It aborts relationships or marriage
  • It makes you smell in the nostril of God
  • It robs you of God’s blessings.
  • It facilitates a covenant between you and the marine spirit
  • It makes you a child of darkness
  • It introduces sickness or incurable disease into your life
  • It makes you to crawl round in the journey of life
  • It arrests the organ of a man and woman


How To Deal With Sexual Dream

  • Give your life to Christ. The first step to deal with sexual dream is to give your life to Christ. Many people says I have given my life to Christ many years ago, so there is no point of giving my life to Christ. But many people forget that they commit sin everyday through their eyes, hands, mouth, organs and ways of life. If you say, you have given your life to Christ and fail rededicate, you cannot be free from this dream. Giving your life to Christ involves total submission to God What this mean is that, you are inviting the presence of God to take control of your life. If you have been forgotten, this step can provoke God to do something great in your life.


  • Repent from your sins. You must repent from your sins and confess them to Jesus. The Bible says, you should repent from your sin so that the load of sin can be blotted out of your destiny completely (Acts 3:19). Many have turned a slave into sin. They find it difficult to maintain their salvation hence the devil begin to deal with their spiritual life. When you have the figment of sin in you, you cannot overcome the spirit of sexual dream. To repent from your sin through confession is to obtain mercy from God (1 John 1:9). Before you can stay free from sexual slavery in the dream, you have to realize that sin is the problem hindering your deliverance and as such, put yourself in the condition for repentance. The fact still remains that God still can repair your body and restore your original glory back if you run to Him and serve Him faithfully without hinderance!


  • Dress decently: This is another dangerous spirit that is operating in this generation and our parents have not been able to correct the dressing of their children. Most people do not want to hear the preaching about dressing, because it makes them feel guilty. Dressing indecently or irresponsible makes you a prostitute in the eyes of the Lord. Whether you are a pastor or not, or whether you are a born again Christian or not, but if your habit of dressing is indecent, you will surely attract sexual demon, marine spirits. Most of the indecent dressing  that you wear are already cursed by God. Because it does not promote the reputation of the Lord. For example a woman who takes the habit of dressing indecently, she will never have a settled home. If God can sees the heart, it is certain that He must see your outward appearance. Without dressing well, you will be farway from God and your sexual dream would continue. The demon of fashion is a very strong spirit. That is why many people especially women, have been captured and they are no longer interested in living in holiness of life! The Bible says the fashion of this world is passing away. 1 Cor 7:31. How can a person who had indecent dress on his or her body going to God’s altar and be preaching. This is abomination! Until we tear this evil garment, sexual dream will be on the increase and by the time you know this truth, your deliverance may have escaped you.
  • Embrace holiness and truth:There is no way a person can sustain his or her relationship with God when the need to say the truth and embrace holiness is absence Romans 12:1,2, 1 Thessalonians 5:23. Some people can never say the truth and some people will never be conscious of holiness and yet they want to deal with sexual dream. If you are the type of Christian that only believe in holiness of the heart and don’t believe in holiness of physical appearance, you will be disappointed by the rage of spirit husband or wife having sex with you in the dream. The devil likes a person that takes sin as his or her lifestyle. True Holiness of life is antidote to demonic possession and sexual attacks in the dream. When you holiness and truth, you will be free from sexual dream and you will enjoy marital freedom. More revelation will be uploaded here later in the day. stay tuned

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  1. I’m always harass over power by this sexual dream, sometimes if they fail they’ll come back with two opposite sex doing it and when I see them I will loss there. But always happen each time I have strong desire for financial breakthrough.

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