I Dreamt That Someone Was Urinating On My Hands

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A Dream Someone Was Urinating

If someone has a dream in which he was walking beside an house -upstairs, and someone in the upstairs was urinating through the window and the urine fell on his hands. What does it mean?

Unlike shit, Urine is a waste product from the body. Expert says, Urination is the release of urine from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the outside of the body. To dream about a person urinating through the window indicates a person is trying to pollute you.

When the urine fell on your hands, that signifies a great threat to the labour of your hands. That means whatever your finds to do will not bring forth blessings. If you are doing a contract and a job, this dream may want to work against it.  In Matthew 15:17, the Bible says, ”Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?”

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A person urinating on a person in the dream, it means there is personality that does not want you to be fruitful. When a urine enters a person’s body for example, it will generate some kind of unpleasant odour and if left for too long, it can causes skin diseases.

The flow of urine is a speed of spiritual weapon against a person. Every person wants to urinate in order to free their bladder but when a person is urinating on your hand, it also means the devil is quenching the fire and glory of God in you.

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When a person is urinating through a window in the dream, it means the enemy is planning to cause promise and fail in your life. To some extent if he is a known person, it could have interpreted that such a person is diverting his or her problems on you. After urinating, the person is free from discomfort, and hurt.

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To dream that someone is urinating on your hands

  • It shows that a person is manipulating your destiny
  • It means that the power is fighting against your glory
  • It indicates the devil does not want you to succeed or prosper with your hands
  • It means a force is introducing bad luck
  • It indicates that your enemy is chaining your hands
  • It means that the devil is planting evil things on your hands

When a person is urinating on your body, including your hands, legs etc, it also means an evil personality is killing your glory and stealing them from you. On the hand, frequent urination in the dream can cause a sign of relief and comfort in the body. If a person is urinating on your body, it signal a spiritual problem characterized by enemy of progress.

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  1. I dreamt about an animal like a cross between a platypus and a puffer fish walking in some office. I was talking to some women and it was the third animal passing by going into another room. But it stop to quack at me then turn around and spray me with and the women next to me who shielded me at first from the urine and as I turned my back to this creature/ animal I could feel and smell the urine being sprayed on me thinking I got to home and change my suit. Then I wake up?
    ( I’m about to start a new job and just left a stressful one) does this mean more challenges on new job? Or ill will from some at old.

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