Dream About Seeing A Baby Poop On The Body


Matthew 15:13, ”But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.”

Matthew 15:17, ”Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?”

Babies are a source of blessing from God. Giving birth to babies have their own way of cleanliness. A nursing mother must be ready to clean her child. It’s normal for every baby to poop after feeding in the physical realm. This is usually common for breastfeeding baby. A breastfeed baby can poop anywhere for several times without minding the stress. The smell of a baby poop is a great hinderance.

The dream of a baby pooing on a woman’s body is extremely common. That’s the reason I need to decode this dream in a Biblical format to give readers a broad understanding. It is rather embarrassing for a woman to experience this dream. Many dream interpreters have not been able to decode this dream very well according to the mindset of the Holy Spirit.

Detailed dream of seeing a baby poop on your body.

Our excretion or feces is a waste product. Baby poop on the body represent a satanic pollution. When a baby poop on your body, it means hinderance and rejection. You will notice that you are no longer love by people. A dream where people do not see your good works.

If you are yet to marry and have such a dream means marital problem. This is a sign that a man cannot get close to you and ask for your hands in marriage. The baby poop is the feces of the spirit children.

It is rather disturbing when a person gave you a baby to hold in the dream. Any person that gave you a baby to nurse, breastfeed or care for in the spirit surface, know that such a person is demonic. The agenda of the enemy is to set you up and put you in problems.

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This dream indicates that such spirit baby has plans to causing disappointments, stagnation, loss, and sickness. To nurse a strange baby in the dream may block your marital prospects, and if you are married, it may lead to child problem.

The purpose of going to the toilet is to eliminate food substance and waste from our bowel. The smell of poop makes it irritating and annoying. For example, if a person fails to poop when he is feeling uncomfortable, it may generate something else in the body.

If you are holding a baby and then the baby mess up the whole place with shit or poop, it means the agent of darkness has polluted the environment. This also means that there is an evil plantation. The major failure which most women experience is also as a result of seeing baby in their dreams.

Shit or poop is associated with sin. For example, if a baby poop on your hand, no matter the colour of the shit, it means that someone has issued a curse upon your hand. This shows that everything you do will such a hand will not prosper or yield blessings for you. Why? Because the devil has rendered your hands useless which is capable not to fulfill destiny.

It is very common to see many people especially women not been able to achieve tangible things with their hands. A polluted hand cannot receive any good things from people. But when you clean your hands thoroughly, it means your are breaking the curse of loss upon your hands.

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The activities of spirit children is not only limited to reproductive life. It could also hinder one from making any form of progress in a financial way. The moment you carry a child in the dream, it is likely that you have entered into a covenant with the marine spirit.

If you see your own baby pooing on your body in the dream, it means you need to be more careful and concerned about your children. It also means the devil is trying to use your baby against you. These are powers that will make it easy for your child to fall sick.

If your baby is sick with a fever in the dream, then this implies spiritual sickness. This kind of sickness will force a mother or parents to be spending on their child’s health. This is done in order to waste your finances and kill your joy. If the baby’s identity is unrecognizable in the dream, it means the spirit child is causing your marriage bitter and frustrate your efforts in marriage.

A poop makes a child feels very uncomfortable. No matter the food you gave your child at that moment, studies shows that he will not eat it. If you find a baby pooing on a diaper in your dream, this indicates unfruitfulness and emotional problems.

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If this dream is often, then it indicates that the enemy is trying to kill a baby and suffocate his life. When you discover poo on a baby’s diaper, it also means the spirit of bad luck, promise and fail and shame. If you such a baby is yours, you need to commit that child in the hands of the Lord. You need to pray for God’s protection over your baby or children.

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However, If you dream that the baby’s poo stain on your clothes, then it implies that your enemy is converting your garment of blessing to a garment of curse, bad luck, disgrace. If you notice the same cloth in the real life, you have to pray on it with anointing oil to purge out every satanic deposit.

To dream of playing with children foretells marital struggles, slavery and blockages. It means you are tormented by spirit children. This dream will give rise to many other things like frustration, confusion, depression, loneliness, hopelessness, sorrow etc. Playing with children can make a woman to have problem with children. It is this dream that is also responsible for late marriage.

To dream of backing a small baby indicates that you will have difficulties in fulfilling your marital destiny. When the devil knows that you are getting so close to your breakthrough, the marine spirit will put baby on your back. This strange child is also a monitoring spirit. Backing a baby in the dream is a reflection of unstable relationship, marriage and confusion.

To dream about a diaper means a big favour from above is coming. To dream that you are changing diapers indicates that you are expecting God to do something great in your life. If you dream of seeing a baby’s poo on the diaper, means setbacks, bad luck, sickness, disappointments.




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