Dream About Sweeping

Dream About Sweeping
Dream About Sweeping




Matthew 5:8 – Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Ezekiel 36:25 – Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.


Sweeping in the dream represents the symbol of cleanliness and deliverance. When you sweep in the dream, it is an indication that God is setting you free from all manners of sins and the bondage of ancestral evil powers in your father’s house or mother’s house. If you pray very well, you will be set free. This dream is extremely good whether in the house or in your village. That means God is about to use you to bring blessings in your home. This could also be a strong revelation that there are some evil practices in the area. And every time  you sweep in the dream, God is asking you to clean or sweep out some curses, hinderance, bad luck, and other hidden problems in the family. If there is anyone with a witchcraft attitude in the family, they will be arrested by fire, in the name of Jesus.



What does it mean to sweep the floor in the dream?

  • It means to deal with the enemy of that house environment
  • It means to get rid the activities of witchcraft operation
  • It indicate a war between you and foundational powers
  • It brings about sanctification and purify
  • It invites the presence of God
  • It nullify a generational curse upon a person
  • It re-divert arrows back to sender
  • It allows the grace of God to cooperate with your destiny in that house
  • Whether you are sweeping your father’s house or mother’s house, it means breaking the evil attachment between you and the witchcraft spirit
  • To sweep out dirt means to take away every rubbish in your life
  • It makes the dream to be spiritually sensitive
  • Any kinds of evil that is coming to your household, when you sweep in the dream, you are blocking those forces of darkness from locating you.
  • If the sweeping is consistent, it means there is an evil spirit in that vicinity
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Sweeping the floor of your house, or parents house shakes the foundation and work against some forces of darkness and  if there are witchcraft practice in that house, they will be exposed and confessed soon, in Jesus name. Those who use the broom of another person to sweep in their house invites troubles.  When you are using a strange broom to sweep the floor or ground, it therefore means that you are planting the presence of the enemy in your environment. The strange broom carries the element of satanic powers which can be used to capture God’s blessing in your area.

There are also demonic powers attached to some brooms and many believers are ignorant about this. The enemy have succeeded in caging and destroying lives with careless sweeping in the dream, especially those who did not know the source of the broom. When you see yourself in a particular house in the dream sweeping the compound, it also means you should get ready for spiritual battles. You call yourself a believer and you are sweeping other people’s houses in the dream.

To dream of sweeping your village compound, means your homes needs family liberation. It is an indication that there are high practice of evil in your father’s house or mother’s house. When you also sweep the ground of your village, it can also lead to satanic attack from the ground.  The powers of the village are ancestral and generational demons.

When your spiritual life is very weak and you see yourself sweeping your village in the dream, you will be wasted. This is the dream where a person just goes down all of a sudden, where this symptoms be register in his or her life; Backwardness and failure at the edge of breakthrough.

If you dream  of broom scattered on the floor, it means there is a family problem. A scattered broom indicates a situation where there is need for the family to rise up against foundational powers. Unless the family pray, there can never be a family deliverance.

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Broom is tied to family. When you hold a broom and you discover that it scattered on your hands, becareful, it means environmental powers are manipulating your destiny. If you use the broom to sweep a church, it means God wants to announce you through the department of cleanly the church.

The connection between the broom and house are very cordial. If you see a broom today, its purpose is to maintain cleanliness in the house or premises. Our lives needs to pass through cleanliness. Dreaming about sweeping a floor can either bring a blessing or a curse upon a person.

Isaiah 14:23, ”I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts.”



  1. When you dream of sweeping the floor of other people’s house
  2. When you dream of scattered broom
  3. When you dream of seeing broom at the entrance of your door post
  4. When you cannot figure out the house that you are sweeping
  5. When someone collected a broom from your hand
  6. When you see yourself as sweepers in the dream
  7. When you are sweeping the floor of your parents house
  8. When you see broom at the chair of your office
  9. When you dream of a broom burning
  10. When you are sweeping the market



  • Arrow of setbacks and frustration
  • Spirit of shame and poverty
  • Marital problems
  • Unprofitable work
  • Evil transfer of blessings and virtues
  • Aimlessly
  • Spirit of reinforcement
  • Backwardness
  • Profitless hard labour
  • Financial problems
  • Struggling and lack
  • Disappointments and wickedness
  • Inherited evil pattern
  • Living a life of mockery and disgrace
  • Begging/joblessness
  • Slavery
  • Virtues attacker against you


  • Every true Christian should be empowered to fight against ancestral evil powers. Broom constitutes a very powerful means of battle. When an enemy wants to deal with a person, he make sure the person keeps sweeping in the dream consistently. This type of dream often affects the caeer, family, marriage and the social life of its victims. There are dream of stagnation, once the person had a dream concerning sweeping, there will be acute stagnancy and demotion.


  • If you are sweeping the toilet is a good dream of getting rid of sinful life
  • When you dream of sweeping the road, it means a chronic poverty line and back to square one
  • When you dream of using broom to sweep the  street, it means limited or programmed to grow within your locales.  Reject it
  • If you are sweeping your office in the dream, it means you are taken out what the enemy is using to plan for your downfall in that office




  1. I sweep out problems from my house, in the name of Jesus
  2. I sweep out difficulties from my marriage, in the name of Jesus.
  3. I chase out demonic presence in my father’s house or mother’s house, in Jesus name
  4. Every power using the broom to introduce poverty into my life, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Evil broom assigned to subdue my glory in the house, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  6. I sweep out every nonesense in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every witchcraft power against my elevation, die, in Jesus name
  8. I jump out from every environmental demonic location, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Any evil power destroying the works of my hands, I cast you out in Jesus name
  10. Every curse against my destiny, backfire, in Jesus name
  11. Every problem attached to my family name, die, in Jesus name
  12. Every covenant of backwardness over my life, break by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  13. This year, my hands shall not put me into troubles, in Jesus name
  14. Anything in my house that has refused to live my house, die, in Jesus name
  15. Cobweb supported by evil brooms, catch fire, in Jesus name

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  1. if there is anyone with a witchcraft they wil be arrested by fire in the name of Jesus Amen.this is exactly wat I dreamt last night. i was sweeping my fathers compound in the village in my dream thank u very mu h man of God nd may God bless you abundantly

  2. please evangelist there is this dream that I had but actually I can’t figure out the meaning. I saw myself in the dream were my picture was in a banner and also the picture of some great man of God that were about ten in number.but one of the men of God is my general overseer in the church I worship in the village. when I looked into the banner very well, I saw something that was written as” The King And Jehosephat.and not only that the banner was mounted high above the cloud.and after some times, I was my picture tuned to my real self nd I walked away from that banner I strtd going into the cloud and as I was going into the cloud I appeared more than 5 in number nd I was still going into the cloud nd as i was going something like smoke was covering me not until I woke up.

    • I believe your dream interpretation simply means you are set free from power of darkness that took your name to their kingdom.the snow or smoke that cover you is the glory of God opon you after liberation from darkness power .join any department in your church and be commited in serving GOD.your life is going to change for good in shot time .

  3. My question is in my dream I realized my compound was swept and kept clean by an unknown person, I intend doing it my self but it was already clean, what does it mean

  4. Sir I dreamt of where I was fetching water with some people but I filled one of the drum with water to the brim and ask others to make sure they fil other drum and later I Saw where I was using water to sweep dirty out in my compound where we are living currently .

  5. Well explained thank you so much, I dreamt I was sweeping my Fathers compound in the afternoon my Pastor had prayed for me for deliverance

  6. i dream i saw a woman sweeping out alot of rubbish down the steps from the church im attending, i ask her why she didnt pick up the rubbish little by little in stead of sweeping and it tumbling down the stairs, she just grinch her head and smile.then i saw a brother and as he pass by me or jam me he always scratch me on my right hand and it start to look like an x with streak of blood coming out, i got fed up because it was like something or a blade was in his hands, i told his wife to tell him to stop and when i showed her my right hand with the marks, she nor her son could not see it, and her husband was laughting, so she say is joke hes making. please enlighten me of what it means. thank you.

  7. Wow really its an amazing topic we should really appreciate this ,As we know that cities have traditionally been places the place there is more monetary alternative than rural areas. People migrate to cities to be the place the motion is.

  8. there is inconsistency in the intepretation…

    one says:
    Sweeping the floor of your house, or parents house shakes the foundation and work against some forces of darkness and if there are witchcraft practice in that house, they will be exposed and confessed soon, in Jesus name.

    Another says:
    7. When you are sweeping the floor of your parents house

    so which one is right or wrong?

    • The first one is absolutely correct. This Bible verse should give you a better understanding of the dream. Isaiah 28:17,
      Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place. To sweep a floor is to purge out the foundation on the surface and put aside every evil plantation . Dream about sweeping also portend cleanliness and spiritual deliverance.

  9. I dreamt of going to the house where I grew up entered and saw the rooms and the new occupants, on leaving I realized it was actually my classmate in the university living there with his family. I saw and chatted him up on how it was when we lived there.

  10. I dreamt that I was sweeping the road which you indicated is not good. However, the side walk that I wanted my children and me to cross (there were other children too that were going to school) had shards of broken glass. I don’t know where the Broom came from,but I began to sweep the broken glass from the side walk and into a manhole/drain, making it safe for the children to walk.

  11. i dreamt someone came to my house and were talking. Later realised is a police man. We talk about drug and weed. I saw him going outside and telling his colleages about our discussion and he said something is fishing. I quickly told d guy that is doing those things to hide it cos of the police. Later i saw d guy cleaning my rooms and i saw me and some kids cleaning and throwing things inside dustbin. After he cleans my room is about to pack the refuse then i took it from him and pack the dirty and thrown inside dustbin.

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