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Bible Verses: John 5:8, “Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.”

Isaiah 43:16, “Thus saith the LORD, which maketh a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters;


Dream about staircase is a dream that indicates moving to a promised land. A promised land is a place of rest, peace and comfort. It is a place where prayers are answered. A stair is a structure that connects a person from floor to floor and aid their easy movement.

The meaning of staircase in the dream means  to walk around the stairs to your destination. They are series of steps with their framework that leads to higher floor of a building.

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The building with stairways make them convenient for movement of people to the next floors. Spiritually, staircase has a meaning too. To step on a staircase, means progress is inevitable yet it does not guarantee any force.

Staircases are very important in the realm of the spirit if you want to go and fulfill your destiny in life. This dream influences the progress of people. It facilitates a movement from one place to the another. The extra ordinary force to walk through the stairway gives you the freedom from your problems.

The Bible says, Psalms 32:8, ” I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

So in order to attain a level of progress and satisfaction in life, you must allow God to lead you in your present challenges. Developing the need for a high level of personal growth and development requires the divine favour of God and a man.

Somebody who is standing or waiting for you on the stairs in the dream has a secret plan. One of their plans is to block and restrict you from making a way out. The force usually wait at the exit door in order to frustrate and discourage you. In most cases, they make sure you suffer loss and struggle. When a wrong person has been programmed to delay you in life, this dream would act in demonstration.

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To dream about staircase means an instrument of flight, promotion, deliverance, prosperity and even marital favour.  Having a constant hinderance at the staircase is one of the medium through which demonic hardship enters people’s lives.

The situation can cause lateness in life, the spirit of go slow, sorrow, bad luck and other negative factors such as working with no progress, hatred in the home and backwardness.

To encounter setbacks and failure at the edge of breakthrough, the person must have series of blockage in making his or way through the staircase dream. The spirit of almost there but never there would become a strong demon harrassing the progress of the person.


Dream About Staircase
Dream About Staircase



The meaning is contained to those who made their ways through the staircase. These includes:

  • Fulfillment of destiny
  • Victory over your enemies
  • God has answered your prayers
  • Your deliverance is certain
  • God is with you in the journey of your life
  • Marital connection
  • Embracing your life opportunities ahead of you
  • You are moving to greater and higher heights
  • Fresh doors of favour and blessings have been opened unto you
  • Suffering and delays are over
  • Joy, peace and laughter have come to stay
  • Testimony
  • Business, ministry and financial breakthrough


Detailed Dream Interpretation

If you are climbing a set of stairs, this shows that you have made the required efforts to succeed. There is nothing wrong when you are climbing the staircase, but there is a big problem when you encounter great havoc or obstructions on your way. The Bible says, the steps of a man are ordered by God. To overcome your challenges, you must allow God to order your ways.

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Many people are trying to climb their ways to the top, unfortunately, certain unclean forces will hinder them. If you are progressing in life, there is likelihood that your blessings would attracts envious friends or colleagues.

There is a difference between climbing a staircase and coming down. To climb is to achieve something. To come down is a symbol that you have fulfilled part of your divine task. The divine task could be your marriage, relationship, business, academics etc.

Some Anti progress powers are powers preventing you from changing your present level. The forces of witchcraft includes:

1. Foundational Powers
2. Chain of Stagnancy
3. Evil gate
4. Marine Powers
5. Siege of darkness (2kings6:24-25)
6. Satanic embargo (Ezra 4:23-24)
7. Demonic mountain (zech4:6-8)
8. Witchcraft attack

If you dream that you fall down from a staircase, That simple dream means a broken focus, fear and most times spiritual attacks. It means you are likely to encounter difficulties. This would be easier to deal with if you convert it into midnight prayer warfare. The Bible says in Proverbs 24:10,” If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.”

When you try to climb the staircase but fail in several attempts, it means foundational problems. The curse of making it in life would become a challenge. Someone who has been trying to climb the ladder of greatness would be cut short by these wicked powers in the father’s house. That’s why we see the high rate of people struggling and smiling in our society. May that never be your portion, in the name of Jesus.

Meanwhile when you dream of climbing a staircase but at the close of getting over, the stairs got broken, destroyed or even caught by fire, you have to pray hard. Because you have enemies who are against your early success and prosperity. The time to deal with them is through midnight battles when they are at their state of unconscious.

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On the other hand, when you dream of walking down the staircase, it means  you are trying to move out from your present situation into a better life. but if you dream that on your way down, somebody asked you not to go, you have to bind that evil voices troubling your destiny at the edge of your breakthrough. Even if the person is your relatives, you have to ignore it and continue with your progress.

To sit on a staircase in the dream, indicates you are operating under a witchcraft arrow of tiredness, joblessness, and spiritual weakness. The staircase is meant to walk round and not to sit on.

This dream occur when the wicked powers is trying to frustrate your plans and whisper to you not to make any efforts in life. In the dream world, sitting on a staircase can easily attracts the spirit of backwardness and failure. It leads to time wastage and means that you are not making use of your quality time. We have a situation where it leads to procrastination of work and loss of opportunities.



  1. All the wheels of my progress broken, and destroyed, receive power of the resurrection, in the name  of Jesus.
  2. I paralyze evil hands and evil legs walking about for my sake, in Jesus name.
  3. Every power waiting for me at the bus stop of my destiny, catch fire and die, in Jesus name.
  4. I receive double grace of progress, in the name of Jesus.
  5. You spirit of almost there, my life is not your candidate, therefore die now, in Jesus name.

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