Dream About Fruit/Tree

FRUIT/TREE (Gen 3:3-7; Gen 1:11-12; Ps 23; Ps 7; Num 6:24-26; Phil 4:19; Isa 35; Deut 28; Ps 104:1-35; Ps 96; Eph 6:10-20; 2 Cor 10:3-5; Ps 91; 1 Pt 5:8-10)

    Fruit is the fleshy product of a tree or plant that can be eaten as food. Tree is a woody plant that has a stem and branches. 

Our consumption of fruits in the real life is a very healthy one. Know that our state of mind might also influence this kind of dream.

Fruit is a sign of blessing, tree is a sign of a strong foundation. When you dream of fresh fruits, vegetables, and a tree, it foretells prosperity, success and fruitfulness. Every time you see yourself with fresh fruits, it shows that you are going to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Things would work better for you and you will grow faster. If you are a business person, it tells you that you are going experience more customers buying your products. If you are a jobless, or into financial debt, it indicates that God is about to connect you to your helper for all round blessings. Though, it may take time to manifest, but very soon, it shall come to pass through continuous prayers. Know that when God blesses you, the devil may try his efforts to steal them from you. Be vigilant. This dream generally interprets that God has answered your prayers in all round. Plucking fruit is symbol of testimony and blessings but depending on the type of fruits. When you dream about plucking ripped fruits (oranges, mangoes etc), it means the spirit that makes you to overcome your struggles and difficulties is in operation. This dream also shows that you are closer to your blessings and divine favour. It generally represents the symbol of fruitfulness, progress, and great fortunes in your career, marriage and finance. Plucking unripe fruits is a symbol of impatience and famine. When you dream about plucking unripe fruits, it indicates that you are always in a haste to receive your blessings when God has not commanded it. It is dangerous when you are not waiting for God to perform His miracles and this dream could serve you as a punishment and disobedient to GOD. It brings poverty, delay miracles, tension and loss of direction. Yes, when you dream plucking rotten fruits, it is a symbol of curse. It shows that certain powers are trying to curse your destiny and make you suffer when you are supposed to be enjoying in life. This dream means you are not productive and that you are not important in your family. You must pray against powers that are trying to reduce your life to nothing. The central point of this kind of dream is to encourage you to be more patience about your situation till your hour of  blessings manifests.  On the other hand, a tree is a structure that determines the development of fruits. A tree represents the head. When the branch of a tree is deeply rooted out, that tree cannot grow or stand on the surface of the ground again. In a case, when you dream about a tree being cut down, setting a tree on fire by you or someone, it indicates victory and deliverance over the ancestral powers assigned against your destiny and your family. This represents the spirit of hindrance and obstacles. The dream of a tree is one of the toughest battle to fight because the ancestral spirits uses the tree of their power. Unless you cut down the tree or burn it to ashes, it will continue to affect your progress, finance, job, marriage etc. Many people are blinded by this gospel truth. That tree if not cut down or set out on fire can subject you to terrible failure and mourning. In a situation, when you dream about a tree bearing no fruits, it is a symbol of rejection, deception and curse. You must confront these powers feeding on your labour, scattering your plans, and making you to beg for bread. As you cry out to God for breakthrough and miracles, the witchcraft agenda against you is to put you on one spot and make you irrelevant to people around you including your friends, family and your husband or wife. You must increase the intensity of your prayers because this dream shows that all your struggles and efforts will amount to nothing in life. Don’t worry, prayers can set you free. But if you see a bewitched tree in the dream, it is a sign of danger and battle. The spirit of God in you has to be baptized with the fire of Holy Ghost to contend with those powers in the dream. A bewitched tree is a symbol of affliction, death, accident, and poverty. Such dream shows that you are under the control of ancestral powers. You must cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 2-day fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm (Nigerian Time). Get any of your preferred fruits that are fully ripped, pray on them and eat the fruits and take the following declarations:

DECLARATION OF FAITH                                                      

      Lord Jesus, I thank You for creating this fruit as part of mysterious creation, let the power of heaven and the Holy Spirit begin to trouble this fruit now, I decree, this fruit shall work wonders in my life, Any power that wants to scatter what I have gathered shall be destroyed, Just as fruits speak of fruitfulness, I command fruitfulness upon my life, let his fruit challenge every hidden poison in my body and push it out by fire, in Jesus name.          

Every evil tree planted against me, receive the fire of God, O God arise and destroy any power that has buried my glory under a tree, any tree bearing no fruits in my life, be cut off, in Jesus name, Every symbol of hardship in my life and marriage, break by fire, in Jesus name.

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  1. In my dream, I saw a man call me to come upstairs to see my clothes. When I got upstairs, I saw my childhood and teenage clothes including underwears that I had been looking for for so long. When I asked the man how he came about the lost clothes, he told me an unknown person brought them. Pls, interpret this dream. Thank you

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