Dreaming About Clothes

Dream About Clothes
Dream About Clothes

CLOTH (Ps 127:1-2; Ps 126:1-6; Job 22:28; Prov 34; Prov 13:8, Ps 126;

Cloth is a garment covering our body. Our state of mind might influence or contribute to this kind of dream but more often than not, it is a blessing in disguise.

To dream about cloth is to place more emphasis on your present garments. If the dream of clothes are becoming a regular occurrence, then you should protect your coat of many colours.

Good clothes represent a garment of favour, success, restoration, fruitfulness, progress etc. Whereas Bad or evil garment represent sorrow, pain, anxiety, sickness, backwardness, stagnation and other negative symptoms.

The cloth of blessing that was given to Adam and Eve were destroyed by the yoke of sin. It is dangerous to wear a bad garment in your marriage. You cannot afford to be wearing evil garment or clothes in the dream and expect good things to penetrate into your life.

Cloth/garment is a very powerful. A cloth can send a good or bad signal to people. It can explain to people the kind of person you are. Good cloth attract favour. While bad cloth brings unresonable people.

Any woman that wears a filthy garment for example should not complain about men trying to molest her sexually. Heavens don’t look at people that dress indecently.

When you dream where you are wearing a new cloth, dress, it is a sign of blessings, prosperity that attracts favour and good things. It is also telling you that you are breaking out  from the old ways of sins ( poverty and stagnation.)


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Cloth is a strong tool that makes people to identify and associate themselves with you. If you dream that you wore a black, torn, old cloth, it foretells bad omen. It means a symbol of sorrow, misfortune, unexplainable hatred and rejection.


This dream interprets that a terrible thing may happen to you. This dream may also lead to your irrelevant in your family and marriage.

Fear not, God can reverse the situation if you can pray well like a wooden lion. Moreso, when you dream where someone stole your clothes from the rope or elsewhere, probably, you dream when you noticed a blood stain, dirty stains, holes all around your clothes etc, there portends a trouble.

There is a fight you must fight to recover all your stolen clothes because this dream indicate that the enemy is working on the manipulation of your glory, finance, marriage and progress.

This is the time you must cry out to God to cloth you with fire. On the other hand,  When you dream where you see someone who does not cover himself/herself very well, it means the enemy wants to defile you and transfer the spirit of lust to you.

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This dream can gives the spirit spouse enough reason to attack your marriage and finance. Perhaps you see someone wearing your clothes in the dream without your approval, it means the enemy is using your garment to prosper and using your garment to receive power, fame and money .

This is where the enemy transfer your virtues to themselves. It makes you suffer and regret. You must fight against any powers that wants to hold your virtues and replace it with counterfeit.

If you find and see yourself washing clothes, it means you are going to record better things in your life. This shows God is about to answer your prayers.

If you dream where someone is asking you to watch his/her clothes, it is a spiritual slavery.  By this, it makes you to serve or obey those who you are ahead of. Above all, it is a spiritual imprisonment.

Also if you dream where people are giving you clothes, it is a blessings of turnaround. Sacrificial giving make you to achieve your desire very fast. So when you dream where you are giving out your clothes to people, it reveals that you are going to receive outstanding progress, miracles and breakthroughs.

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This is the reason why you dont stop giving out your clothes to the needy. The prayers of those people will work very fast for you when your minds are clean and the source of those clothes are not a very bad ones.


INSTRUCTION: Burn some of the bad clothes you don’t like to wear, and buy new clothes to replace the old ones. Do this as stated and you shall see change of your status! Embark on a 3-day fasting and prayers between 12am-6pm (Nigerian Time).


PRAYER POINTS: Every evil garment of poverty assigned against me, burn to ashes, I bind and loose any power exposing my life to troubles, in Jesus name, Every dark garment covering my glory, catch fire, Designers of grave clothes, carry your load and die, in Jesus name, Nakedness in my father’s house, my life is not your candidate, die, in Jesus name. Powers that want to hijack my glory, you are a failure, die. Pray seriously against bad clothes breeding failures to you.


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  1. I dreamt that my neighbor in my place of work was telling to give him the clothe he drop i now told that his wife has collected pls MOG what does it mean?

  2. I dreamt that some group of people where demolishing houses, i now said since they ve not gotten to our build let me removed some of my children;s clothes as was doing it, they came and started destroying and one old woman was raining insult on them that they should not destroy her buildin. And when they get to our building some side where my things are was demolished, and i was telling them that there are some houses in the front and some building and uncompleted ones that on the road why did you people not start from there and as one of them was about to demolish that one i woke up, pls sir help me

  3. Sir I dream that I saw my girlfriend mum in my dream and and she is a tailor in real life, but in that dream she’s also a tailor and I gave her one of my cloth to saw for me why that her daughter is sitting beside her in that dream but the woman reject that cloth, she said she can’t saw the clothe for me, please sir what does that mean?

  4. I had a dream, that I was washing my clocth also clean every where in my house,my dad senior sister appear from no where tried to stop me doing it.

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