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  1. Man of God , help me to interpret this dream . .. In a dream someone was showing me a man that this man eat human flesh . So I saw him with lots of people ( very tiny people ) in his owns . He ate all the people .. Then I saw him inside a glass room .. Full of pieces of meat and fat … It looked like he was died and loocked inside the glass room. He was naked .

  2. Man of God pls interprete this dream for me. My husband saw himself on a bike naked and travelling to his fathers house. When he got home, he entered into the bathing room took hi bath, wore his clothes and came outside. Pls help man of God!

  3. My Husband is Jobless for 4 years and now due to tention has created in him Diabetes, High Blood Pressur and cholesterol and also now fistula. Please help him to pray and release him from all.

  4. I have been searching for jod since last year and I was called for interview last Tuesday. Please I need mercy of God on it.

  5. I want God to provide for $20000 for my business and myself before middle of February 2017 .Also for God’s grace,favor, Mercy’s and blessing over my business,family and friends.

  6. I had a dream of having sores on my ring finger.Also I lately have sex dreams even though am praying hard ,I dont know what to do man of God. My situation is a difficult one.

  7. pastor i want a safe Delivery,and let my nine month not be invain,and let the helper of my husband locate him before the middle of this year,and bless the work of my hand.

  8. Pastor i had a dream my mum ask me to go and pluck oha leave for her but wen i get there the leaves are not ok for consumption the are strong but de people there are telling me to pluck it that it still manageable but i did not see it that way,i was checking to see if i can get some even the young leaves but none @ the process snails were much on the fluid i asked the man that this snails are the eatable he said yes he even show me some that his eating dat his wife prepare it for him and i started picking de best mostly big ones until my bowl got full and i was happy picking it saying Thankgod for this snail now snails are expensive and i woke up.

  9. pls daddy help me pray dat i should ave my own husband dis year, even b4 march i most meet my own crown(husband) and i use to see shoe my dream some time slippers, help me sir God ll help u too.

  10. Pls man of God, my husband lost his job since last yrs nd things hs been so hard for me nd my five kids,…. pls sir help us in prayer, for God to locate our helper for us,,,, tnx so much sir, nd God bless u.

  11. iam from south africa i am in financial disarray I need prayer. I have had a downward spiral in life never married, in and out of hospital, career stagnancy and hatred.

  12. Man of God i felt happy with all that you have explain about concerning evil family alters speaking against us.I really need a total freedom .See have bn looking for solutions i discocered that both my father and mother family there is no progress .I see spider webs covery my face most times ,i struggle financially and making less progress and i cant do a major thing in life.
    I always dream seeing my Dad ,her sister and step mum .Also i drive cars ,supervising building projects ,eating ,giving and recieving money also seeing myself my fathers compound in the village even among age group mates in the dreams .When i woke up all the breakthru or money expecting will not come .I cant make good money upon my struggling .
    I need to be free totally what must i do Pastor?.
    Sir are you on whatssap?


  13. Please pray for me, I want to live peace,clean life,holy life,help me to increase my spiritual me LORD,restore my life,career,finances,family.thank you.

  14. my 3 prayer requests for d 3days fruit fasting 1:God pls I want my visa to come out dis week so I can travel n go n meet my hubby;.2:I want to get a wonderful job as soon I get to Dubai bfor there Ramadan from 27th may.;3:God pls promote n uplift my husband n my father bless us all with long life n prosperity in d mighty name of Jesus Christ AMEN

  15. am josh 4rm of God,pls pray for me for God to help me find a virtous wife,cos i seriously need to get married this year.

  16. God bless you. Man of God. I really need a deliverance, from the power that be. Am not strong in the Lord, I want to serve God with all my strength and might. Have this issue since, since growing up as a child, whenever am under stress, I will see myself erecting as if am having sex. Now the only thing, that easy me of stress, is my i have sex, which ought not to be. Am under bondage, and I keep having issues, whenever good things want to come my way, I will lose it. Man of God, pray towards it, pray that God will break every curse in my life. I want to marry, just lost my job, people since to hate for no reason, thanks your’s Samuel

  17. Man of God pls I need prayers .in my dream on Monday the 15th of may 2017 I woke up from a dream where I saw that a man I didn’t recognize shaved off the back of my hair but I was too in a hurry for my hubby to drop me off at work that I just prayed a normal prayer. That day over a little argument on our way to work my husband pulled lever the car and dragged me out ,he beat me until people had to call the police to rescue me .the next day he used a horsewhip onnme .

  18. Man of God my husband has no job and we always fight cos his family still has a strong hold on him to the extend that they decide for us in our marital home

  19. Pls sir,i ve been jobless since i finished my nysc,i encounter disappointment every now and then..pls pray that God should destroy every curse or convenant that has been holding me hostage.. i dreamt of a masquerade flogging me in a dream pls help me

  20. I hardly get favored and i do have spiritual husband attack at every begining of the month. I applied for immigration so i want God to show me favour.

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