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Beloved, i have a special leading to send this post to everyone here, especially those who care for their souls and are conscious about life after death! Many people believe that once a person has died that’s all. They don’t believe that there is life after death. The Bible says it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgement! Heb 9:27. Truly, if people should be conscious about life after death, they will be disciplined and very careful to examine themselves in every area of their lives to avoid making a ghastly mistake in eternity! Now the Urgent Messages and Warnings for every living Christian today will be summarized here –

1. EXAMINE YOURSELF and YOUR WAYS! 2Cor 13:5 says we should examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith. Do you know that a Christian can backslid but doesn’t know that he or she is backslidden? Many Christians are in the Church in a backslidden State but they are rejoicing that they are on their way to heaven! Many are on transfer from the kingdom of God to the kingdom of darkness but are still singing in the choir and leading or pastoring a Church and if they fall down suddenly and die people start celebrating that they have gone to heaven. What a great ignorance and deception from the Devil! So you need to be examining yourself on daily basis to be sure that you are in the faith and that you are Rapture ready!


2. CHECK THE CHURCH YOU ARE ATTENDING! This is very important as you are preparing to go to heaven. The Church you attend matters a lot. If you make a mistake and join a fake Church and become a member, you are doomed for ever except God intervenes because of His mercy and brings you out. Friend, let me tell you frankly, the number of fake and counterfeit churches around us today have out weighed the true churches! The Lord Jesus Christ has warned seriously about this. Mt 24:11,23-25. Which Church do you attend? Do they believe and preach holiness of the Bible there? Do they worship and bow down to an image, the statute of Christ or Mary there? Or believe in wearing white garment uniform? Does the Pastor encourages his members to be using Jewelries, bangles, earrings, chains, neck lace, paint fingers and toes, put tattoo on their bodies, women should be wearing trousers, slimy dresses and short skirts, etc. You have to check all these things. If you cannot change things there, You better run away from there before it is too late for you! Look, all these things will lead you to hell! Beloved, don’t be deceived, the Church you attend will determine whether you will enter heaven or not. Check it.

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3. EXAMINE YOUR DRESSING CODE! How do you dress as a Christian? Do you dress as children of Abraham and Sarah (1Pet 3:3-6) or you always dress as daughters of Jezebel? 2Kgs 9:30. Your dressing matters a lot as you are preparing to go to heaven. Don’t let any Preacher deceive you with sugar coated mouth, your dressing code can either take you to heaven or hell.

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4. EXAMINE YOUR LIFESTYLE. The lifestyle you embrace as a Christian will surely determine whether you will make it to heaven or not! If you embrace the lifestyle of the world, the life of worldliness and carnality, boy friend and girl friend, smoking and drinking, attending parties, playing football, gambling, marrying and divorcing, beating up your Wife all the time, cheating on your Wife or husband, praying to God in the Church as a woman without covering your head, man praying in the Church with cap on his head, carrying cocaine to come and pay tithes in the Church etc. All these are the lifestyles of the world which God is about to destroy with fire! 2Pet 3:10,11. The Bible says all those who live like this can never please God. Rom 8:5-8. That is, every worldly Christian can never please God.



5. As a Pastor, CHECK YOUR MESSAGES and COUNSELING to your members. This is a very important issue. A Pastor that is pastoring or leading a big congregation is in a vital position to lead many souls to heaven if he understands and fears God! If not, he is in a dangerous position leading thousands and millions of souls to hell. Do you know that a single message or comment from the Pastor on the Altar is capable of saving thousands of souls and it is also capable of destroying thousands of souls in hell fire for ever? That is why if you are a Pastor, pray very well that your preaching, teachings, comments and lifestyles do not lead people to hell fire but to the kingdom of God. Many pastors today are agents of darkness destroying human lives to hell, deceiving their members that they are leading them in the right part.


6. CHECK THE KIND OF FRIENDS YOU KEEP! If you are a heavenly minded Christian be careful about the kinds of Friends you make. Many people would have genuinely repented and qualified for heaven but because of evil Friends they are keeping they wont make it! The Bible says friendship with the world is enmity with God. James 4:4. Wicked and bad Friends have led many souls astray and to hell fire! Any friend that hates Church, hates the people of God, hates Christ etc avoid that friend. He or she is an agent of Satan sent to destroy you!

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7. If you are a single brother or Sister, CHECK THE LIFE PARTNER you will marry. Many people ignore this type of thing. Many Christians don’t know that the kind of Wife or husband you marry will surely determine whether you will make it to heaven or not! If you marry a daughter of Jezebel or an Ocult man, you are doomed for ever! Be careful. Allow God to choose for you to avoid missing heaven. Friend, these are urgent matters that you must take heed to and examine yourself and adjust before it is too late! Thanks and God bless you richly. You are free to share this message to your Friends and family members that you want to see in heaven.

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