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No doubt, the genesis of the world was never done out of hurry! God created the heaven and the earth. He takes time to create every other things, including man and animals. God is very hard working, focus, creative, innovative, determine to succeed, and above all,  He created the Sabbath Day for His resting period. (Gen 2:3).  It was never recorded in the Bible that God abandons   his major assignments. From the time Jesus came into the world, to the time He save and shows us the way, (John 3:16) He had passed through a series of trials, sufferings, pains and temptations in the hands of His enemies. It is not because He loves to suffer, or because He has extra-ordinary power; (1 Peter 2:21)  The message of the Cross was very clear: Before the Crown of redemption, there must be sufferings, trials, temptation. I wonder why most believers today are giving up to the devil too soon.  Giving up hope and expectations!


The mark of Jesus shows that He is result oriented; (Luke 4:42-44). If you will manifest as more than a conqueror that you are, you must first conquer the laziness in your life. If you fail to do this, it will surely affect other areas of your life. It is common for a particular weakness in an individual’s character to affect every area of his or her life. If you are lazy, you cannot be a friend of God. If you are lazy, you cannot bear fruits. If you are lazy, you will become a ridicule to people. If you are too lazy, your marriage may suffer. Laziness is more powerful than poverty. For instance, a primary school pupil who finds it difficult to be early to school, will mostly likely be known as a late Comer at secondary and tertiary institutions he goes through. He will also be a late Comer at his place of work when he starts working. He will equally find it difficult as a worker to attend other important meetings on time. Even in ministry as a pastor, he will do things late. Read and pray late. Such people are never on time! Who knows, he may even get to heaven too late and be disqualified from entering. Ask some people to stand up and pray, is a difficult task for them. This is a very serious issues.

Another area we must also look at are weakness and character. There are categories of people that are very weak spiritually, but careless too.  Some people never take anything seriously and in the process they lose it and they never become what God designed them to be. In 2 Kings 13:14-19. Elisha was sick and the king paid him a visit. Since Elisha knew he would die through that illness and he wanted the issue of their enemies settled, he asked the king to bow and arrows and fire went through the window prophetically, with his hand upon him to signify how far the enemy would be defeated. After shooting the arrow, the king was asked to strike the ground and he stuck only three times and stopped. Elisha was angry with him saying that three defeats were not enough to have complete victory over the Syrians. Can you believe that even with the correction and rebuke from the man of God, the king did not strike further.

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When you ask some people to go for 7 days fasting and prayers, they will take it and stop the fasting halfway. When you ask them what happened, they will certainly find excuses to defend their weakness and laziness. This could be dangerous as a believer! When a pastor asked the whole congregation to take the following prayers very hard, some people will find it difficult to open their mouth and pray. Thinking that that’s not the way they are taught how to pray. Asked some people to go for evangelism, this is when you will become their enemies and hate to move freely with you.  God sent a young prophet to deliver a message and return without resting on the way. But on his way back he decided to rest and he never got home to tell the rest of the story. How careful are you? Are you taking your life serious?

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1. Every spirit of laziness holding me down, break by fire, in the name of Jesus.
2. Declare to yourself: “I shall not disobey the voice of GOD.
3. I receive double speed to achieve destiny in Jesus name.


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