In Psalm 11:3, the Bible says if the FOUNDATIONS be destroyed, what can the Righteous do?

This is a simple but serious question. Foundational problem is a devastating problem. The most terrible aspect of it is that, it is a hidden problem! That is why many people are not bothered about it while it continues to destroy their destinies!

Foundational problems are problems caused by your ancestors before you were born or problems caused by your immediate parents at your birth, or in your childhood!

Many things took place at your birth, during your childhood which you will never know except somebody tells you. For instance, did you know how your placenta was handled?

The handling of your placenta alone can jeopardize your progress and breakthroughs throughout your life time if it is not discovered and addressed!

Other things include the slave trade, demonic burials, blood covenant and Idol worship that our Forefathers engaged themselves in, for centuries before we were born!

And unless you take time to address these issues through fire prayers, you will not experience tangible progress and breakthroughs in life!

When prophet Jeremiah grew up as a young man, he wanted to marry from a particular town, but the Lord warned him not to do so. That the people in that City were under a terrible curse!

When Jeremiah asked the Lord to know why, the Lord revealed to him that the Ancestors of that Lady he was about to marry had worshipped IDOL!

That the Founders of that town had provoked Him many centuries ago! And so they were under His wrath! Check it. Jere 16:1-4,10-11.

Note, was it the family or the father of that Girl that worshipped Idol? NO, NO! Her Ancestors! If there is anything God hates with perfect hatred, it is IDOL WORSHIP!

That is why any family or community where their Forefathers have worshipped Idol are under a terrible ANGER of God even to the 3rd and 4th generation! Ex 20:3-5.

This calls for serious meditation and prayers! There are so many people who cannot excel today because of the problem in their foundation. Many people cannot achieve greatness in life because of what their fathers have done.

Many people’s destinies and potentials have been buried due to Foundational problems and parental ignorance and mistakes.

Many people including some Christians do not know why they cannot excel, their marriages are full of crisis, their children are wayward, business is not moving, no tangible miracle is happening in the family, problems upon problems, challenges upon challenges without any end in sight!

David cried out and said, when the foundations are destroyed what can the Righteous do? The answer to that question is, Let the Righteous call upon the Name of the Lord for mercy and intervention!

The Bible says whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved! Rom 10:13. Also read Mt 11:28. The Lord Jesus Christ is capable of delivering you from every Foundational problem if you sincerely call upon Him! He is our Anchor and able Deliverer!

Note, the reason why fundamental problems are succeeding in the lives of many people today it is because they refuse to repent and accept Jesus Christ into their lives!

 Secondly, so many Christians have commonized or over looked at this terrible menace and therefore refuse to pray aggressively against it. Some pray against the evil foundation but along the line, they are simply tired about the problem.

So this devastating problem has continued to destroy so many families either because of their refusal to surrender to Christ, prayerlessness or carelessness! But right now, I call on you to wake up from your spiritual slumbering and ignorance and address this matter vigorously today and be free!


1. O Lord, deliver me from every evil foundation that my Ancestors have created for me in Jesus Mighty Name!

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2. O Lord my God, by the Authority you gave to me in Mt 16:19, I stand on your Word and destroy, demolish and pull down every evil foundation that is fighting me and my family this day in the Name of Jesus Christ!

3. From today and right now, i want to declare that I and my family are now FREE from every Foundational problem created by my Forefathers in Jesus victorious Name! Amen and Amen by fire with Thunder!!

4. You stubborn inherited foundational battle from my father’s house that has troubled my family and now targeting my life and marriage, die by fire, in Jesus name.

5. Every inherited foundational battle that is causing stubborn problem in my life, die by fire, in Jesus name.

6. You inherited foundational battle, hear the word of the Lord, leave me and my children alone and die, in the name of Jesus.

7. Every parental mistake in my foundation causing tragedy in my life and marriage, die, in Jesus name.

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Note, if you Key to this message and the prayers, begin to expect unimaginable progress from now henceforth! Remain blessed and rapturable in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Read more here

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  1. Dear Evangelist Joshua,so glad I found this page.You have given me meanings to dreams I don’t understand.

    I also dreamt of running under the rain(drizzling),i fell into a dish/river I stretched out my hand I was pulled out & I gave the man that brought me out N500.I carefully passed the side of the river& I began to run again.I got a bus, paid for the T.fare and I wake up

    2.Another day again I Dreamt of running under the rain(drizzling) with a female colleague)

    3.I dreamt my elder sister gave birth to 2 green apples.

    I dream alot & I don’t understand. We’ll be glad to have your email address.

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