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Elisha was a prophet in Israel. Naaman, the Syrian King’s army commander, came to Elisha on recommendation to be cured of leprosy. Naaman was still at the gate when Elisha sent a servant to tell Naaman to move to River Jordan and dip himself seven times. Naaman was annoyed because he thought Elisha would perform an instant miracle. What happened? He obeyed and was healed totally of his long term sickness. He came back to the prophet with plenty of gifts in appreciation of his healing, which the prophet declined to receive. This was the point where the devil tempted Gehazi (prophet servant). He could not withstand the urge to possess these precious items,as a result, he went after Naaman. Funny enough, on meeting Naaman, Gehazi’s told him that the prophet had changed his mind and now needed those precious gifts. (2 Kings 5:22). Nobody was to name his child Gehazi, why? Because Gehazi was a big thief. Gehazi was a lier. Gehazi was a devil advocate. Gehazi took possession of those gifts and craftily hid them in the house. Not knowing that God has revealed everything to Elisha. Without talking too much, Elisha proclaimed Gehazi’s punishment. What happened? Naaman’s leprosy came upon Gehazi… (2 Kings 5:26-27)


  1. Gehazi is a man who is very greedy

  2. Gehazi is a man who knows how to exploit people in the ministry, business,

  3. Gehazi is a man who loves to lie

  4. Gehazi is a man who place money above the concept of touching lives

  5. Gehazi is a man that can push you into sin

  6. Gehazi is a man who is not contented with what he has.

  7. Gehazi is a man who is not always open to people, partner, husband, wife

  8. Gehazi is a man who is not honest and faithful in little things

  9. Gehazi is a person that always uses his position to amass wealth at the expense of the poor or ignorant people.

  10. Gehazi is a person that dont believe in handwork

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What should I do stay away from the character of Gehazi

1. Give your life to Christ. Be truthful to God that you have deceived people with your position
2. Repent of your sins and confess them to God without covering anyone
3. Ask God to give you the spirit of contentment and trust.
4. Deal with the high taste of money before service
5. Ask God to forgive you of your sins.
6. Pray some prayers that will help you.

Prayer points. Every spirit of greediness in my life, I cast you out in Jesus name. Spirit of slavery working against the staff of my bread, scatter unto desolation, in the name of Jesus. Stubborn powers assigned to bite the hands that fed me, die, in the name of Jesus. EvangelistJoshua.


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