Bleeding Of Blood In The Dream

Bleeding In The Dream
Bleeding In The Dream

Bleeding Of Blood In The Dream

Bleeding in the dream is a source of virtue being taken away from someone. Many people go through all kinds of bleeding in the dream. There  must be serious bleeding before blood can gush out properly. The devil can exchange destiny through bleeding in the dream. They can make a woman to pass through series of pains when bleeding in the dream.

When a person is bleeding in the dream, it multiples the problem of a person. If a person has been covenanted to the spirit world, his or her body belongs to them. Since bleeding in the dream involves the blood, the enemy uses the blood to initiate a person into the spirit world.

There are some people who have been seriously injured in the dream. Whenever there is a great announcement of good things, the picture of bleeding in the dream will bit off that blessings. When a woman keeps bleeding in the dream, good things stop working.


Bleeding in the dream is the process of losing out excess of blood. For example, when a man losses his blood in the dream, automatically sickness manifest and progress is hindered.

The situation of bleeding made that woman with the issue of blood to cried out to Jesus and that cry brought  the healing power of God upon her life. She has lost everything in life. She has lost time. She has lose money. She has lost her health. She has lost her dignity as a woman (Luke 8:43-48).

Bleeding in the dream represent a challenge, an attack, an odour, a sickness. It is a dream where the drinker of blood and eaters of flesh drain out the blood of their victims for witchcraft manipulation.

Bleeding in the dream is the limitation on the path of breakthrough. A situation that leaves a person in one spot in life.  So therefore, a person can be attacked  through this dream.


Mouth bleeding: If you dream where your mouth is seriously bleeding, then it means there is a trouble ahead of you. it shows that you are already initiated into witchcraft. This kinds of dream indicate you are operating under the yoke of the enemy.

Pregnancy bleeding: If your pregnancy is bleeding out blood as a woman, it means a sign of miscarriage if you are married. But if you are not married, it stands as a symbol of pollution upon your marital destiny. When a single woman is experience this dream, it is certain that good men will not notice her despite her beauty and character.

Bleeding on the ground: This shows that you glory is flowing on the ground which is very bad. To bleed blood on the ground is to waste your destiny. This is an indication of road accident, untimely death, sickness, injuries etc

What happens to a woman that passed through excessive bleeding in the dream.

  • Pollution in marriage
  • Barrenness and miscarriage
  • Sickness and infirmity
  • Marital challenges
  • Period are sometimes are hindered
  • Destiny manipulated
  • Hardship and suffering
  • Disappointments and bad luck in marriage



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